Product Videos

Air amplifier compared

Air Amplifiers

Vent, Cool, Blow-off, Light Conveying

Air Jets compared

Air Jets

Part Ejection Powerful Blow-off & Cooling

Air Knives compared

Air Blade® Air Knives

Replace Drilled Pipe Blow-off & Cool with Even Flow

Air Nozzle compared

Air Nozzles, Air Mag, Air Edger

Part Ejection, Blow-off & Cooling

Blind Hole compared

Blind Hole Cleaner

Protect Faces & Eyes in Blind Hole Cleaning

Fume Dust compared

Fume and Dust Extraction System

Adjustable, Low Cost, Fume Extraction…., Ideal for Soldering Applications

Pneumatic Water compared

Pneumatic Water Super Separator

Point of use: Water Separator that may eliminate need for other filter. No Maintenance No Replacement Filter Elements

Cabinet Enclosure Coolers, Silent X-Stream® Cabinet Enclosure Coolers

Wide Range of Maintenance from Panel Coolers, Ideal for Harsh Environments Cool Control Panels, Cabinets & Other Enclosures

Ring blade compare

Ring Blade® Air Wipe

Clean & Dry Any Extrusion

Ring Vac compare

Ring Vac Air Operated Conveyors

Convey Material Short & Long Distances Ideal for Hopper Loading Material Transfer & Gas Venting

Static Eliminator compare

Static Eliminator

Standard and More Powerful Static Eliminator Bars

Vortex Tubes Compare

Vortex Tube & Industrial Spot Cooling

Vortex Tubes are an effective, low-cost solution to a wide variety of industrial spot and process cooling needs.