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Nex Flow® whitepapers in-depth articles on specific topics to provide a more detailed understanding of the application of various compressed air technologies,how they can address problems, as well as where they are best applied.   For example, in deciding whether or not to use blowers or compressed air, there is a plethora of one –sided sales and marketing approaches encouraging one over the other, when in fact it is application dependent.

The White Paper on Compressed Air Versus Blowers provides unbiased guidelines on which is best used for particular situations. The article Not All Vortex Tubes Created Equal helps identify what is important to look for in choosing a vortex tube.  The white paper Dirt Control In Statically Charged Environments addresses various methods in detail for dirt control which could entail using both blower and compressed air technology on statically charged products which need to be cleaned prior to coating, painting, or even packaging.