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NEX FLOW Compressed Air Scrub Nozzle: Transforming Surface Cleaning. New Product Details

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Water and Oil Removal Filters

Filters with Automatic Drains for use with our systems.


Regulators with Gauge for use with Air of our Systems.

Mounting Brackets for Filters and Regulators

Mounting Brackets for Filters and Regulators.

Point of Use Zero Cartridge Pneumatic Separators

Point of use: Water Separator that may eliminate need for other filter. No Maintenance No Replacement Filter Elements.

Reclassifier Mufflers

Eliminate Oil Mist from Valves & Cylinders & Reduce Noise

Manual Valves

Manual Shut-off Valve for use with our systems.

Hot And Cold End Muffler

Hot and Cold End Mufflers to reduce noise levels on vortex tubes and vortex tube systems

Bypass System for Panel Coolers

Bypass system consists of 316L Stainless Steel tee and 316L Stainless Steel combination tee and flow control valve connected together with a stainless bypass stainless hose.

Mechanical Thermostat And Solenoid Valve Kit

System for On-Off Control for use with Panel Coolers & Other Vortex Tube Systems

Electronic Temperature Control

Electronic On-Off Control for Use with Panel Coolers