Consulting Projects Nex Flow

Nex Flow® has worked on hundreds of projects in various industries ranging from the casting of metals, plastics, food production, automotive, and medical. Projects relate to point-of-use applications and any issues with compressed air to produce viable solutions that can correct any negative situation and/or improve output and productivity and enhance safety in a factory situation.

Consulting Projects Nex Flow

Here are 3 examples of recent projects:

1. Utilizing compressed air flow amplification technology effectively to increase the output rate of cast material that required accelerated cooling to eliminate a production bottleneck.

2. Severe filtration issues with the existing system were corrected.

3. Design and supply of special pulsed system using air amplification for a challenging cleaning application.

Is it time to put the squeeze on compressed air?

Nex Flow® Air Products Corp. provides online consultation services on a short-term, as-needed basis (short-duration consultation to assist in solving a particular issue) or on a per-project basis.

With over 40 years of compressed air experience, Nex Flow® can provide both the knowledge and field experience on compressed air applications past the air compressor room.

While most compressed air consultants focus on the compressor room (which is important), the delivery system and point of use are often neglected or get inadequate focus.

Yet it is past the compressor room where significant improvements can be made and consistent problems are often left unaddressed.

Nex Flow® consultations address particular issues such as pressure drops, losses, and compressed air delivery issues past the air compressor room to the proper application of a point-of-use device.

Examples include the inadequate performance of compressed air-operated devices and possibly difficult-to-correct filtration issues.

Consultation is online and can be scheduled to meet the customer’s schedule.

For particular projects, a team of specialists can be brought in to address especially point-of-use applications related to drying and cleaning with compressed air.