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NEX FLOW Compressed Air Scrub Nozzle: Transforming Surface Cleaning. New Product Details

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Ring Vac Air Operated Conveyors

Convey Material Short & Long Distances Ideal for Hopper Loading Material Transfer & Gas Venting

X-Stream® Hand Vac

Hand Held Unit, Reversible Blow-off/Vacuum Gun

Fume and Dust Extractor

Adjustable, Low Cost, Fume Extraction Ideal for Soldering Applications

Blind Hole Cleaning System

Protect Faces & Eyes in Blind Hole Cleaning

WHY USE Air Operated Conveyors?

Compressed Air Operated conveyors inject a small amount of compressed air in such a way as to create a high vacuum for conveying solid material as well as fumes and gases over a large distance.  Unlike the Coanda effect which moves a large volume and creates a low vacuum in air flow amplifiers, this system moves less volume but creates a higher vacuum similar to a venturi system.

A big advantage of these systems is their compact size, instant response time, and portability. They have no moving parts. Their flow rate is easily controlled with a pressure regulator.

Common applications include hopper loading (resin in the plastic industry, bottle caps in bottling), material conveying of all sorts, waste and trim removal, transferring parts from one location to another, chip removal, tensioning fiber, and in filling operations.

The Nex Flow®  Ring Vac® compressed air operated systems come in several styles and materials:

Anodized aluminum for most applications – clamp on and threaded versions

Extra Powerful hard anodized aluminum – clamp on and threaded versions

Stainless Steel – clamp on and threaded versions for corrosive and high temperature environments

316L Stainless Steel – clamp on, threaded, and sanitary flanged versions for food, pharmaceutical and high temperature and corrosive environments.

The XSPC special design style can handle materials that can tend to bunch up in transport and prevent clogging.