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NEX FLOW Compressed Air Scrub Nozzle: Transforming Surface Cleaning. New Product Details

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Air equipment exhaust can be noisy.  Nex Flow® air amplification products reduce noise levels dramatically, but not all areas of their application are readily identified because they are hidden from view or just missed.  By monitoring the noise levels caused by compressed air, areas previously missed can be identified.

The Nex Flow® Digital Sound Level Meter can help identify high levels of sound to protect workers and monitor noise levels to ensure they do not exceed the limited standards shown in OSHA standard 29 CFR – 1910.95 (a) which limits an 8 hour exposure of constant noise to 90 dBA.  The Nex Flow® Digital Sound Level Meter is accurate and measures and displays the sound level on a large LCD display.  A fast/slow response button gives you a choice for slow response measurements for stable noise or fast for varying noise levels.  The maximum hold setting will provide the highest noise level and will update continuously if a higher noise level comes into play.   If you need to keep a record of sound measurements a complete data logging system is available.   Any high sound measured from the exhausting air can be addressed using mufflers on cylinders.   Any identified blow off can have sound reduced with low-cost air amplifying nozzles.

The Nex Flow® PLCFC is a prepackaged plug and play sensing system that turns on the air supply when needed, and off when not needed, thereby conserving energy.  It is designed especially for all types of blow off applications.  It is preset to “sense” when the unit should turn on to allow air flow and then, after the product passes, to turn off after two seconds.  It can be re-programmed as necessary.

WHY is Optimization Needed?

Compressed air is a useful but costly utility, and optimizing its use should be a priority for any manufacturing operations. Optimization is not the same as elimination because that can also cause a negative outcome.

Replacing compressed air with blowers, for example, may work in some applications but in others, it can actually slow down output or simply not do the job as well. Compressed air operated equipment is generally much simpler, compact, rugged, and portable than other options which should also be considered depending on the application.  For these reasons, 70% of this usable equipment is still used extensively worldwide for blow off and cooling applications.

There are two rather important issues when it comes to using compressed air, , which are cost and noise. These issues are solved with Along with Nex Flow® energy saving and noise-reducing air amplification technology, vortex tube cooling technology air moving products, and the following products can also assist in compressed air optimization: