We are changing the part numbers on our Fixed Air Amplifiers as we have sometimes been confused with another manufacturer using similar part numbers. As our Fixed Air Amplifiers are better made, with improved internal design for better performance, and come with stainless steel shims as opposed to cheap plastic, we wish to avoid confusion in the marketplace. Customer feedback assures us that Nex Flow has the BEST fixed air amplifiers on the market – hence they will now be called Fixed X-Stream Air Amplifiers.

The new part numbers will be as follows:

  • AM10 will be (Fixed X-Stream) FX10
  • AM20 will be (Fixed X-Stream) FX20
  • AM40 will be (Fixed X-Stream) FX40
  • AM75 will be (Fixed X-Stream) FX75
  • AM125 will be (Fixed X-Stream) FX125

Be aware of costly and out-of-date designs being passed off in the market place as Nex Flow. If it doesn’t have Nex Flow cast into the body then it is not an optimized and modern design with superior performance. Nex Flow, unlike many competitors, continually improves its products to give you the best efficiency possible, incorporating up to date technology and materials.
In this transition, you may order with the new or old part numbers until your systems are updated for the change.