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April 22, 2018

Modifying Compressed Air Blowoff for Special Applications

Modifying compressed Air Blowoff Compressed air amplification technology can often be modified for special applications. They can be designed to clean or dry in specific ways suitable for the particular application. Nex Flow Air Products Corp. manufacturers specialized
January 17, 2018

The Importance of Laminar Flow in Compressed Air Blowoff

Laminar Flow is necessary in compressed air blowoff for effective blowoff applications. Nex Flow designs and manufacturers their compressed air blowoff technology to maximize effectiveness while minimizing energy use and noise levels. Video : https://youtu.be/PXPHJgdNOBI
November 8, 2017

When to Use a Vortex Tube Operated Cabinet or Panel Cooler System

This video outlines the conditions where vortex tube cooling units are best used for air conditioning electrical and electronic enclosures. Vortex tube-operated Cabinet Enclosure Coolers, or Panel Coolers utilize compressed air to operate, and that energy cost needs
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